COP17 and Rural youth

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URBANSINGS  as part independant media we have taped – in, to sense – in peoples views about COP17. Actually it a global community concern but it is being address in a dictatorship approach through limitations. General people didn’t got a space to contribute in decision making process since its framed in political manner. That raise some questions : who represent who and how? As URBANSINGS we are not representing concerns but we are part of the concerns, our contribution since we produce media with the aim of getting another side of the story based on what is taking place. Through Indymedia/ IMC-Africa we network by media reports by covering neither or less the uncovered.


We rather not to buy it!!! Yes they was 3days Conference Of the Youth (COY ), it was held at South Africa – Durban at UKZN Howard collage from 25-27 Nov. It was a United Nations programme where we as South African youth were being welcomed by European reprentatives/ youth, in our own African soil . One of the youth organs around Durban did tried get a space in order to share views on behalf of Durban youth/ rural to urban movement, but it was declined due to different approach in society issues since its UN concept. Most of the SA young people who were there was those from Government structures/ affiliate, your NYDA, ANC Youth league, uncategorized Gov. representatives’. This was just a concept of installing/investing climate propaganda for future, discuss issues affecting people without people.

By: Bongisipho “Bongs” Phewa

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Moussa Baye Fall – Relegious leader

These three photos were taken at the World Social Forum (WSF) by Bongisipho Phewa, at Senegal (Dakar) . Where global Social Movements, NGOs, Media collectives, Individuals, Artists, etc…….had gathered to join their strengths on believing that another world is possible and to create alternatives against social injustice. On the left theys a full page about WSF and online links for follow -up.

Reporters from Cameroon & SA, with the graphite of Thomas Sankara( Revolutionarist)


In the past two years journey, organization had manage to make some meaningful links, engagements or initiatives as listed below.

  • Centre for the Civil Society ( University of KwaZulu Natal Howard Collage)
  • Form part of Citizen Voice on water and sanitation related issues
  • Durbansings Oral history and Community media project
  • Durban social forum
  • Part of Imagine Durban Project which was selected by the eThekwini municipality, as one of sustainable project around the city of Durban
  • Due to skills obtained on Durbansings, some individuals became part of Ulwazi Indigenous project, by the (eThekwini Library Department)
  • Art study cycles for writers, poets, graphits and mc’s
  • Skills obtained (text, sound & video editing) , research, facilitation etc. by the Centre for Civil Society


Durban sings Editorial Workshop:Howard College

DURBAN SINGS is a regional audio media and oral history project with a story to tell. Using street recordings and internet audio archiving to create an open platform for contributions and remixes from artists and activists around the world. DURBAN SINGS is a sound network joining hemispheres via audio correspondence between listeners; building a listening bridge between communities, artists and activist groups in KZN and the rest of the wor

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